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 Applying to BoOB?

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Applying to BoOB? Empty
PostSubject: Applying to BoOB?   Applying to BoOB? EmptyTue Oct 07, 2008 3:31 am

This is an application you need to fill out before becoming a member of Band of Ominous Bandits. We are a casual guild so the application is not in depth but it helps us determine if BoOB is right for you. Please copy and paste in a new thread and post your char name, rank, and career in the subject title.

Real Life Name:
Character Name:
Rank: Lvl/RVR
About yourself:
MMORPG Experience (if any):
Are you recruiting to be RvR or a Casual Member?:
Do you have Ventrilo?:
Do you know a member of the guild? IF you do who?:
Why you are Applying to Band of Ominous Bandits:
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Applying to BoOB?
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