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 What is Band of Ominous Bandits?

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What is Band of Ominous Bandits? Empty
PostSubject: What is Band of Ominous Bandits?   What is Band of Ominous Bandits? EmptySun Oct 12, 2008 1:30 am

We are looking for active mature players that wish to help us grow from our casual friend Guild to something that will make a mark in the game, positive mark hopefully.

We have just joined the synergy alliance including The OoD, Magus Imperialis Magicus, Inertia, Lost Empire and Prima Nocta. The alliance's goal is to reach Tier 4 ASAP. So at the moment we are seeking more players lvl 20 or more to fill out our weekly scheduled events.

Our goal is to have enough active players to fill up a single Warband (24) of well balanced groups to tear fear into the hearts of Destruction.

At this point we have no real specifications as to what we are looking for except more healers is always a plus. The founders of this guild are over 25, just so you have an idea at the maturity level we are searching for, and I did not say age range, maturity. We just want good active players on the Heldenhammer server who are looking for a great family and guild to join. If this is of interest please fill out an application in the thread below and we will get back to you.

Once your application is filled out and reviewed you will be instructed what to do in a reply to your application thread. Once a member of BoOB, you will start as an initiate. To gain full memebership you MUST be registered to the site and check daily. Also have ventrilo installed and used regularly. You will also be observed in PQs and RvR groups, with the guild, of your potential future with BoOB. So attendence and involement is an asset to be considered as a regular member of our RvR team. So have a good attitude, be motivated and bring your game face.
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What is Band of Ominous Bandits?
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